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One Step Drug of Abuse Rapid Test
2011-11-08 00:00 MEX BIOTECH

Drug of Abuse Rapid Test

MB-DAT-001 AMP Amphetamine Test Urine 1000ng/ml
MB-DAT-002 COC Cocaine Test Urine 300ng/ml
MB-DAT-003 MET Methamphetamine Test Urine 1000ng/ml
MB-DAT-004 MOP Morphine Test Urine 300ng/ml
MB-DAT-005 THC Marijuana Test Urine 50ng/ml
MB-DAT-006 KET Ketamine Rapid Test Urine 1000ng/ml
MB-DAT-007 MDMA Rapid Test Urine 500ng/ml
MB-DAT-008 BAR Rapid Test Urine 300ng/ml
MB-DAT-009 BUP Rapid Test Urine 10mg/ml
MB-DAT-010 BZO Rapid Test Urine 300ng/ml
MB-DAT-011 MTD Rapid Test Urine 300ng/ml